Who, What, Why?

We like beer and strong beer at that, but after countless pints, bottles and cans, we discovered one thing – It is getting harder and harder to find high strength beer. This set us on a journey to make beer that we loved and to share it with other people.

Fast forward 5 years down the line, we now have a lovely 1BBL brewery capable of knocking out the finest imperial ales. It’s been a long journey from brewing in our kitchen in some converted casks and a cool box mash tun, but we are now happily brewing up high strength beers of multiple styles and flavours in our tiny little brewery and releasing them to the public to enjoy.

Whilst a small 1BBL size might not afford us the ability to make beer for everyone, working in small scale affords us the opportunity to make sure quality rules over everything and we strive to make the best beer we can, with the fullest flavours using only the best ingredients.

About Breakbeat Brewing
Focused On Flavour

Why So Strong?

Flavour, flavour and flavour! Have you ever had a glass of 4% wine that tasted good? No! We believe that high strength beer holds the most flavour. We love to taste big, strong malt backbones in our beers and when using adjuncts we want to taste more than a faint whiff of flavour. In your face is how we want our beers and they are designed to be consumed in smaller quantities.

Session beer is not for us, so we do not brew them. Our beers are designed to give you a full taste experience, which should be enjoyed in moderation. Commercial suicide some might say, but bear in mind we are not a big scale brewery designed to make money, we just want to make great beer which is enjoyed by all.

Think of our beer as a lovely rich decadent dessert, which is designed to be consumed slowly at the end of a hard day. We highly encourage you to share one or two of our bottles with a friend or partner for most enjoyment.

Being Different

Having noticed that the majority of breweries tend to treat imperial beers as a seasonal special, we feel that that leaves a massive gap in the market. As beer drinkers we find it so frustrating there seems to be such a lack of imperial strength beers available. Even more so when these rare one off releases do pop up they seem rushed and unfinished.

As we love strong beers we have chosen to specialise in those – There is no fad following here at Breakbeat Brewing and we will only brew beers and styles that we like. We are not a brewery that will start with high strength beers then drop to “session” beers in 6 months time to make money. We are strong believers in perfecting your craft thus we stick to one area that we love.

As you may have noticed we also love to mess around with stupid ideas and are always on the play with new flavours and ridiculous adjuncts to try and push styles and see what fun ideas we can incorporate into our beers.

Specialising In Strong Beer

Quality Over Quantity

Our beer is never rushed and we are more than happy to hold onto something for months, making sure its 100% perfect before we even think about releasing it to the public. Couple with that our high standards means we will not simply cover up a mistake with artificial flavours and release it anyway – We will quite happily pour a batch down the drain if it does not sit right with us when it is finished.

Our beer is meticulously tested and tasted at every step of the process and will not be packaged nor released until we are happy it is 100% perfect and ready to go! We want your first try of our beer to be a WOW moment with every beer we release.

We hope you enjoy our work and please come and say hello if you see us in the pub or at a beer festival we would love to meet you!

Mike & Holly

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