Gyle 000 – The Dark Stranger

NAME – The Dark Stranger
ABV – 10.2
IBU – 30.1
STYLE – Imperial Pastry Stout
INGREDIENTS – Malt, Barley, Sugar, Oats, Cocoa nibs, Molasses, Cocoa Powder, Chocolate essence, Lactose, Hops, Yeast

Our first ever release that is not a release but you might have been lucky enough to have been gifted a bottle. Brewed as a promotional beer to give out to bar and bottle shop owners to showcase what we do, The Dark Stranger is a massive chocolate imperial pastry stout. Brewed with Cocoa powder in the mash and Cocoa nibs, Dark brown sugar and Molasses in the boil.

Fermented on a cheeky Kveik yeast strain for 4 weeks before being conditioned for another 2 weeks on fresh Madagascan Bourbon vanilla pods with a touch of organic natural chocolate essence added at bottling!

Chocolate, Chocolate and more Chocolate – this is a thick and gooey treat with a lighter carbonation level to make it a nice smooth slow drinking delight. A long boil time and extra long conditioning time means this beer gives a really nice rich deep chocolate aroma and taste.

If you spot us out and about then come and ask us about it as you never know your luck, we might have a bottle or two on us to dish out.

Contains Gluten and Lactose, may contain nut traces.

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