Gyle 001 – Living In Darkness

NAME – Living In Darkness
ABV – 10.9%
IBU – 68.5
STYLE – Imperial Baltic Porter
INGREDIENTS – Malted Barley, Oats, Sugar, Hops, Yeast

For our first release we wanted to step away from any kind of crazy adjuncts and make a simple beer that is enjoyable in its own right. Living In Darkness is an Imperial Baltic Porter that blends 7 malts with dark brown sugar which creates a deep roasty smooth beer.

This recipe is one that we have been working on for some time and we are really happy with the results, so what better way to introduce ourselves to the world but with this Imperial beer.

Expect a deep malt backbone with a slight sweet after taste that sits sticky on the lips and drinks rather easily for its strength.

Named as a tribute to the legend that was Jason Kaye from the mighty Top Buzz who sadly passed away just before this release RIP.

Listen To Top Buzz “Living In Darkness” HERE

Contains Gluten.

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