Gyle010 – Maxi (Mun) Style

NAME – Maxi (Mun) Style
ABV – 11.2%
IBU – 52.2
STYLE – Strong Dark Winter Ale
INGREDIENTS – Water, Malted Barley, Sugar, Lactose, Hops, Yeast, Oats, Honey, Marshamallows

What is a “Strong Dark Winter Ale” ? you may ask, Well we have no idea either its just what this beer warped into. 5 Malts meet Nugget hops and toasted marshmallow in the boil, honey joined the party at flame out to create a dark brown (but not black) ale. This is where things get weird – We then fermented with Kveik yeast and pushed up to 30c during fermentation to bring a fruity flavor hit to the finish of the beer – Not overpowering but the idea was to join the toasted marshmallow and honey sweetness with a sort of raisin fruit finish (well it made sense to us at the time) – Result = A winter warmer with a smooth light fruity nose and sweet fruit cake taste (thats our thoughts anyways).

Not a stout but kind of close!

Serve at room temp.

Contains Gluten & Lactose

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