Gyle 003 – Feel My Pain

NAME – Feel My Pain
ABV – 10.6%
IBU – 9.6
STYLE – Pain Au Chocolat imperial stout – 3 year aged
INGREDIENTS – Water, Malted Barley, Oats, Sugar, Lactose, Hops, Yeast

Time for a super small batch of a super tasty beer. This beer was an experiment that turned out great! We wanted to test how a super long boil time and beer reduction affects the taste of a beer so boiled this down for nearly 4 hours to reduce the wort down to nearly 50% less than what we started with.

A super thick syrup was formed with a small dose of lactose added near the end for a slight sweetness addition creating this what we would call a test batch.

After primary fermentation we used a touch of natural essence to boost the flavour and aroma but only a VERY small touch so not to get to overpowering.

It does not end there as we tucked this away well over 3 years ago and sampled every few months to ensure it was where we wanted it to be before finally being bottled and conditioned for a few months more before its big release.

When we say small batch we mean small batch – this is our rarest beer yet.


Contains Gluten & Lactose

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