Gyle 004 – The Burial (Big, Bad And Heavy)

NAME – The Burial (Big, Bad and Heavy)
ABV – 21%
IBU – 18
STYLE – High Strength Imperial Stout – Brewed with dark sugar, honeycomb and golden syrup
INGREDIENTS – Water, Malted Barley, Oats, Sugar, cocoa nibs, Hops, Yeast

Yes you read that correct this beer weighs in at a hefty 21% abv!

Always keen to push things and see what happens we have had our eyes on a certain beer yeast strain that boasts a ABV tolerance of 25% – “that sounds like fun!!” we though so set out on a mission to brew a high strength beer that does not taste like nail varnish remover.

The yeast specified to brew a lower abv beer then add sugar during fermentation to get the best results so thats exactly what we did. Brewed a lovely strong stout then slowly added sugar bit by bit during fermentation over many weeks. In total this beer was nearly 6 weeks in fermentation as we really took our time with the feeding to ensure it had completely finished on each batch of sugar before the next one went in.

After fermentation was finished we cold crashed and conditioned it for a few weeks more before bottling in October 2022 allowing us a long bottle conditioning period to ensure the beer was smooth and nice drinking before we even thought about releasing it.

Fast forward 8 months later and here we are “Big, Bad and Heavy”

How does it drink? – dark malt thickness with a light tartness to it and VERY warming. We went for a lower level of carbonation with this one to make it a smooth silky drinker, Bottle conditioned rather than force carbed – Pours like tar and holds no head, Sticky on the lips and a damn nice beer even if we do say so ourselves.

We advise to get two bottles – drink one now and age the other for at least 5 years!

Contains Gluten

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