Gyle006 – Mr Maverick

NAME – Mr Maverick
ABV – 12.3%
IBU – 29.8
STYLE – Imperial Irish Stout
INGREDIENTS – Water, Malted Barley, Sugar, Oats. Black Treacle, Hops, Yeast

Stepping away from anything we have done before with our take on an Irish Stout (Imperial of course).

Not wishing to stick to doing the same stuff over and over you may have noticed we like to constantly experiment and try new things over here at Breakbeat Brewing. We do love a particular well known brand of Irish stout and set off on a mission to make our own interpretation of the classic drink but with slightly more weight to it.

A grain bill consisting of a hefty amount of flaked and roasted barley matched with a big old dose of oats for texture met with an addition of black treacle in the boil combined to bring us this deep dark roasty brew.

Fermented using the classic Irish ale yeast strain which has added its well know profile into the mix providing us with a smooth drinking heavy hitting version of an Irish Stout.

No adjuncts and no additions its straight up and simple with a rather enjoyable taste.

Contains Gluten

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