Gyle007 – Silent Voices

NAME – Silent Voices
ABV – 10.5%
IBU – 37
STYLE – Imperial Pastry Stout brewed with coconut, coffee, Cinnamon and madagascan vanilla
INGREDIENTS – Water, Malted Barley, Sugar, Oats, Coconut, Cinnamon, Vanilla Pods, Coffee, Hops, Yeast

I love coconut stouts and have been messing around with them for years but still never enough coconut for me, so this time I went all out with dessicated coconut in the mash (Bad idea = stuck mash), coconut cream in the boil (removed the oil first) and then a huge addition of toasted coconut in the fermenter post fermentation for a couple of weeks.

On top of this once the fermentation addition of coconut was removed we added some Madagascan bourbon vanilla pods and then a healthy dose of fresh roasted Brazillian coffee beans from the superb SoRoast in Southampton which were fresh out of the roaster 2 days before addition for a super fresh roast coffee flavour to compliment the coconut and vanilla.

What we have ended up with is a lovely stout that is in the vibe of a coconut coffee drink – Is there enough coconut in there for me? No! but its still a bloody nice beer.

NOTE – Coconut oils ruin head retention – expect no head on this Untappd moaners

Contains Gluten

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