Gyle008 – Dred Base

NAME – Dred Base
ABV – 12.7%
IBU – 52.1
STYLE – English Barley Wine
INGREDIENTS – Water, Malted Barley, Honey, Dextrose, Hops, Yeast

Something we don’t see too much of these days is a nice good strong Barley Wine so we thought we would knock one up to enjoy in the summer heat. We actually brewed this back at the start of Febuary this year but have been aging it for months until it tasted just how we wanted it before bottling and conditioning for another 4 weeks.

A nice sweet drinking Barley wine following no rules other than “lets make a nice strong Barley wine” – Drink it fresh or stick it away in a cupboard for 5 years either way it will taste lovely

Serve at room temp.

Contains Gluten

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